EVERYTHING I Need to Know About #EVERYTHING I Ought To Have Learned in #PRESCHOOL

If Preschool is Really the Fundamental Foundation for Everything in Life, then we all ought to know the two most important themes about this fleeting stage of life, and those two things are #FUN and #LEARNING — but even more important is stressing that these two traits are impossible to separate — so IF it is true that PRESCHOOL is the “Foundation for everything in life” THEN Everything in Life ought to be an inseparable process of Fun and Learning.  What is so strange about that?  Well absolutely nothing!  We fervently rattle on about how we are always supposed to be learning – that learning is a lifetime activity – – – Add to that our very inclined natural predilection to enjoy ourselves, seek pleasure in as many forms as we can with just about anything and everything, and you have all the perfect reasons (and justified justifications) for expecting to feel joy, pleasure, fun, exhilaration in everything we do, venture, embark upon and participate in.

So why do we constantly deal with the ridiculous paradox of insisting that “being responsible” and “growing up” must be taken up with the sentiments and perspectives of being serious and eliminating the aspects of fun and joy as we carry on in the work and obligations of our lives?  This is absurd – who of us can honestly proclaim that we are immune from coveting and admiring those who say that they get to work by loving what they are doing – or that they are doing what they love to make a living.  For these folks, work and recreation are bundled into one.

So If Preschool is the foundation for everything in life, and if preschoolers are the supreme masters of “doing their jobs”, which is to learn through play – and having fun doing it, then it behooves us all to acknowledge and become masters of understanding every reason possible for realizing the true significance of preschool development.

Topping off this theme is the naturally altruistic hearts and minds of preschoolers and their quest to know everything and ask questions about everything.

Understanding Preschool Development seems to be #uncool.  That is to say, if it was #cool, or if the general populace understood how #cool the preschool mind actually is, then we’d likely see scholars and celebrities supporting a general awareness campaign about the significance of the Preschool state of mind. And this campaign would be spearheaded by people brave enough to admit that we were all on the wrong trajectory when we though Preschool was all about, or only about learning the ”a,b,c’s” and ”1,2,3’s”.  Honestly, we would sheepishly laugh at ourselves, even make fun of ourselves, and joke about how uniformed we were about the most important learning stage of our lives that would make lifetime learning a fun lifetime proposition.

In the meantime, all we can do is try our best to promote the importance of the preschool stage of development and how significant it is for ALL human beings.  Hey, maybe even one day #celebrities will join the cause – though we’ll avoid holding our breath.

Of all the causes that have the power to resolve both the world’s worst adversities and expedite the quests to implement and further advance humanity’s most innovative developments — preschool development is the best and most comprehensive method for addressing EVERYTHING.

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