#Homework, #Taxes, #Death, #UniversalPreschool, the future of #Innovation, Oh, and let’s throw #Schrodinger’s Cat in the Mix too.

Naturally Preschool

Title Translation ~
We the people, (the authoritative people) would prefer that you avoid thinking for yourselves. We’d just prefer that you continue believing that you are thinking for yourselves and making your own decisions and valuable judgments (which includes voting for us so that we may continue ruling over you.)
Hey folks, did you know that there is actually “no law” or amendment mandating that you must pay “income taxes”? That’s right! I’m still looking to be sure, because although I’m certain this is true, I’m usually the sort of person inclined to investigate things for myself, it’s just too much a part of being an independent researcher. The reality is that the tooth fairy and knowing the condition of Schrodinger’s Cat are more real than the supposed requirement of having to pay income taxes.
And for that matter, so is the elusive idea about “consciousness”, which is starting…

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