EVERYTHING I Need to Know About #EVERYTHING I Ought To Have Learned in #PRESCHOOL

If Preschool is Really the Fundamental Foundation for Everything in Life, then we all ought to know the two most important themes about this fleeting stage of life, and those two things are #FUN and #LEARNING — but even more important is stressing that these two traits are impossible to separate — so IF it is true that PRESCHOOL is the “Foundation for everything in life” THEN Everything in Life ought to be an inseparable process of Fun and Learning.  What is so strange about that?  Well absolutely nothing!  We fervently rattle on about how we are always supposed to be learning – that learning is a lifetime activity – – – Add to that our very inclined natural predilection to enjoy ourselves, seek pleasure in as many forms as we can with just about anything and everything, and you have all the perfect reasons (and justified justifications) for expecting to feel joy, pleasure, fun, exhilaration in everything we do, venture, embark upon and participate in.

So why do we constantly deal with the ridiculous paradox of insisting that “being responsible” and “growing up” must be taken up with the sentiments and perspectives of being serious and eliminating the aspects of fun and joy as we carry on in the work and obligations of our lives?  This is absurd – who of us can honestly proclaim that we are immune from coveting and admiring those who say that they get to work by loving what they are doing – or that they are doing what they love to make a living.  For these folks, work and recreation are bundled into one.

So If Preschool is the foundation for everything in life, and if preschoolers are the supreme masters of “doing their jobs”, which is to learn through play – and having fun doing it, then it behooves us all to acknowledge and become masters of understanding every reason possible for realizing the true significance of preschool development.

Topping off this theme is the naturally altruistic hearts and minds of preschoolers and their quest to know everything and ask questions about everything.

Understanding Preschool Development seems to be #uncool.  That is to say, if it was #cool, or if the general populace understood how #cool the preschool mind actually is, then we’d likely see scholars and celebrities supporting a general awareness campaign about the significance of the Preschool state of mind. And this campaign would be spearheaded by people brave enough to admit that we were all on the wrong trajectory when we though Preschool was all about, or only about learning the ”a,b,c’s” and ”1,2,3’s”.  Honestly, we would sheepishly laugh at ourselves, even make fun of ourselves, and joke about how uniformed we were about the most important learning stage of our lives that would make lifetime learning a fun lifetime proposition.

In the meantime, all we can do is try our best to promote the importance of the preschool stage of development and how significant it is for ALL human beings.  Hey, maybe even one day #celebrities will join the cause – though we’ll avoid holding our breath.

Of all the causes that have the power to resolve both the world’s worst adversities and expedite the quests to implement and further advance humanity’s most innovative developments — preschool development is the best and most comprehensive method for addressing EVERYTHING.


Nobody should have to give up their love for magic or their desire to experience miracles — but if people only knew what could actually deliver the essence of miraculously magical properties in their life, then they’d consider exploring the one thing we have in our midst that could very well exchange the mere imaginative hope of magic and miracles for actually achieving magic and miracles as a regular routine of life.  The one thing that holds a guaranteed promise for magic and miracles is delving into, supporting and understanding the preschool stage of brain development.  This may sound like an anti-climax to what people are expecting will deliver their fulfillment for magic and miracles — but it is exactly the unexpected that will deliver what we anticipate, because obviously what we are pursuing is failing to bring us our most desired hopes and prospects. The preschool brain is magical and it performs miracles everyday – and the best part of knowing this is realizing that 90% of each of us is still that preschooler – and that preschool brain we thought we left behind so many years ago.  By re-nurturing the preschooler within us, each of us can begin to unlock the properties of magic and miracles that the human brain is actually capable of performing — yes, there is real hope for happiness, magic and the true meaning of human purpose.

The world’s worst problem does need magic — and that is why it needs the original preschool brain development factor to establish a new ledger for ensuring a new generation of thinkers as well as a new legacy for human progress.  During the preschool stage of development, the brain is capable of processing knowledge and information uniformly, in other words, reality, information, imagination, magic, and miracles are all one in the same.  This is the stage of life that we describe as the “foundation for everything in life” because what we need for life, needs to include the properties of knowledge and information and intelligence in miraculous and magical ways — that is what the world needs to solve its most difficult problems – the world needs our brains to do everything, the world needs our original preschool brains to solve and resolve the problems of the world.  When you consider that these properties are all equal parts of the developing preschool intuitive-cognitive brain, then you are already on the path to realizing the magic, mystery and miraculous nature of the preschool brain — to treat all knowledge as equal and indifferent.  Now of course, it all sounds like a “nice” idea, but the truth is that there are distinct, rigorous, actual, applicable practices, methods and techniques that can make the magic of the human brain unfold during the most magical time of (intuitive-cognitive-preschool) development.  When we learn, understand and know how these “apps’ are meant to be applied during the first ‘5’ years of life and learning – the years that are meant to be magical learning years, then we are writing a new narrative for the future of human history based on the human brain’s full potential.

We deserve to have magic in our lives, because it has a place in our lives, our hopes, our imaginations, and our complex intelligence capabilities. Why else would we have conjured or concocted such wild ideas, unless we are actually capable of them???  But it has eluded us because we have been looking for magic and mystery in all the wrong places — because we have missed its roots, and origins and basic properties…

….The inarguable argument is that we need our brains to do everything — to think,, intend, desire, feel, decide and create.  But we need to activate more than 10 -20% of our brains’ potential.  Neuroplasticity is great and helps us capitalize on, or push the envelope on the 20% we have been fitted with, but our neuroplasticity is only as good as our preschool brain  — if we use preschool brain learning to fulfill our lifetime learning needs.

Our adult life is meant to be spent mastering and enjoying all of our capabilities – including the magical ones – adulthood was never meant to be wasted or occupied recovering the capabilities that we should be intuitively capable of performing, which would be the courteous by-product of a fully developed brain that would have been properly guided during the magical preschool stage of intuitive-cognitive development.

Just as it is impossible to build a building or structure without a foundation, it is impossible to build full brain development without the full cognitive and intuitive structure of the preschool stage that connects all properties of knowledge — both magical and realistic, or abstract and concrete — to the magnificent human mind, they are all the same.



As long as there is Money, there will be war, and as long as there is war, there will be the need for money.  Unfortunately for those that glorify both, a time has come to understand that both are unnatural, they are inconsistent with the real values of human nature and genuine human potential — and human “potential” IS human brain development and neither money nor war can accomplish full human potential.

It’s important to understand that real human progress must be based on a society that functions on the availability of natural resources, in other words, the real way of life and living ought to be a natural resource based way of life.  For the religious-western-christian mind, this means recognizing that Adam and Eve, both before and after “the fall” lived a natural resource based life.  Trading is a natural way of societal currency because natural resources can be traded. Money is an artificial resource that is based on a false abstraction, it isn’t a natural resource that can be extracted from the earth, the air or the ocean.

For the evolutionary minded, the same rule applies.  At one point people lived as hunter-gatherers and managed to share what they had on a more equal basis.  Then came the era of agriculture and a monetary currency to manage and exchange these agricultural resources.   There is both an upside and a downside to the larger societal groups that merged and operated in an agricultural setting. The downside is that equality was likely still promoted, but the conflicts over land to grow natural resources then yielded inequality by a system of currency and accounting, and warfare to acquire land and establish rights gained through conquest.  This is an overly simplistic explanation because the real deeply imbedded intentions to create inequality and hierarchies in society – that transpired into the versions of society, money, agriculture, acquisition and conquest – are less factual and more legendary.

The upside of large societies gathering together also meant that people could put their heads together creatively, and develop technology.   People putting their heads together, in other words, Brain development plus authentic cognitive potential  and the creative ability to develop Ideas andTechnology are a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.  Let’s reiterate that ~ War and Money are a match made in hell, and Real Brain Potential and the human ability to develop Technology are a Match Made in Heaven.

The rules of Money and the rules of War are both diabolically inconsistent with Human Nature and the rigorously natural rules of Human brain development. Neither money nor war can solve any of the world’s problems, if they could then the world’s problems should have been all solved following the two world wars.  Money creates inequality and war promotes destruction and murder.  #Death is natural, but #murder is unnatural.  Therefore, war and money are incapable of solving or resolving any of the world’s most difficult problems, adversities and challenges.  Only technology and a proper plan to promote full human brain development can solve the world’s problems.

Full brain development is based on equality, and technology is an endeavor that is created for the benefits of everyone.  Additionally #politics is also unnatural and inconsistent with the prospects of full human brain development.  Like money that creates inequality, Politics are also more part of the impediment in human progress, because political strategies and laws are made based on money and inequality.  Politics and money – another match made in hell – carry on an exclusive relationship of superiority that excludes the majority of people from the benefits of their “relationship”.  Politics and #leadership essentially suggest that only certain people are born with a full set of brain parts with a particular emphasis on the frontal areas of the brain involved in making decisions.  In other words, politics thereby imply that only “leaders” are capable of making decisions as if only they are in possession of prefrontal cortex part of the human brain.  Everyone is capable of making decisions and being the leaders of their own lives – especially when full brain development is accomplished, and can only be fully accomplished based on the human brain’s hard-wired inherent traits of Compassion and Optimism.  While we’re on the topic of #compassion and #optimism, both of these traits need to be  properly defined.

Compassion is an “app” that is applied to all emotions so that all emotions have a full value.  Emotions are the seeds of all human abilities, because the human brain is emotionally developed, hence the natural hard-wired need to promote the full potential of the human brain. The full value of ALL EMOTIONS is a natural system that allows all emotions to fully and properly supply all of our ABILITIES, both common and unique.  When all emotions are fully developed and free from guilt – – which is the forced surrender of natural emotions taking place in early cognitive development — then the OPTIMAL possibilities for infinite knowledge and information processing can be set to fully support the creative and intuitive abilities to devise technological and innovative advances that fully support societies.  This method fulfills our capability to operate and function on a natural resource based system, which in turn provides the opportunity for “livelihoods” and “recreation” to be virtually indifferent, or one in the same.

To add insult to injury, #Education is unfortunately based on inequality and money.  The more injurious and unjustified part of modern education is that we have #Neuroscience to improve genuine brain development.  However Education is monitored and modified based on laws that have been molded by lawsuits (money) even at the expense of #children’s real brain development and in contrast to the hardcore evidence of Neuroscience.  Parental pressure that is molded by societies’ penchant for money, which is backed by the common understanding of #academic requirements to produce citizens for “jobs” that continue the cycle of War, Money, and Politics, literally make it impossible to #reform Education in conjunction with Real brain development and innovation in all areas and fields of knowledge – the humanities as well as the #STEM fields.

Our brains are the best equal #asset we all have for creating peaceful, prosperous societies that ought to be functioning on a system of natural resource-currency that is provided by our natural world.

There are many strategies that are employed and promoted as venues to achieve full human potential and higher brain development. They are noble and some even serve as necessary remedial means of achieving a certain grade or rate of “higher potential”, or “higher consciousness”, but none can fully fulfill the truest prospects for the full potential of our human brains, unless we start with the preschool stage of brain development (as well as the three years prior to preschool brain development).

We need our brains to help us understand knowledge, and fully developing our brains defines our most basic purpose — “not” making money, or making war, but by understanding how compassion and optimism are the primary and necessary elements for full brain potential – – or the full spectrum of intelligence and behavior capabilities.  The preschool stage of brain development, which is naturally anticipating the basic knowledge of the universe — the knowledge of everything and the language of the universe (fluently and intuitively), is the real starting point, it is the literal proving ground for a lifetime of learning and fulfilling our basic purpose, which is to fully develop our brains.

The quest for knowledge, derived from the universe, and the quest for demystifying the full potential of our brain and our cognitive neuroscience discoveries have to be converged.  The world has to know, has to become aware — early education isn’t just about making better preschool facilities available for everyone.  Preschool is about managing the full potential of human intelligence.  The 3 – 5 year old preschool stage of development is the means to transform society and for humanity to stop groaning in agony in the quest to understand and fulfill our human purpose – which starts with the most basic purpose of fully fulfilling and using the full 100% potential of our brains. Without a full understanding about the preschool stage of brain development, humanity will be left out of its own race for achieving its full potential. 

It’s a simple realization – – Humanity has to be rebuilt via human development, and human development IS human brain development that starts at age zero – at point zero, the same way everything else starts.  The first three years of life are the emotional blueprints for human brain development, hence for the rebuilding of humanity through human development. The following three years, the preschool years from age 3 – 5 marks the time during which the foundation for the building of our brains and full potential are laid — as a collaborative effort for the restructuring of humanity. Without properly building, that is, in our case, without the proper re-building of humanity for the higher sake of human progress and humanity’s future that must be done during the first 5 years of life, then humanity’s progress will continue to remain stuck and stunted in the limited cycle of less than 20% of brain potential — through the narratives and efforts of war, money, politics — that it has been operating on for over 40,000 years.

[For more information on the parameters and requirements for #higher brain potential, consider reading:  “COLLECTING AND CONNECTING THE DOTS ~ Human Heart and Brain Version 10.0  — Upgrading our 40,000 year-old 0.2 Version of Potential  

#Open-minded ?

Here we go again…. let’s see now…. what does it really take to be open-minded ? – – Is open-minded meant to be a choice, something we apply for some knowledge processes while we close our mind to other knowledge possibilities?  Is “open-minded” meant to be a something we consciously strive to be ?? — or is open-minded meant to be an automatic intuitively responsive feature of a fully developed brain?  Why do we constantly separate and make so many separate disconnecting definitions for things like “consciousness”, “open-minded”, “out-of-the-box thinking” — if everything is meant to be interconnected then why do our definitions lack interconnecting features – where are the common denominators between all of our interconnecting traits of total brain potential?  If we’re going to deflect the idea of redefining things so that they are actually interconnected, let’s at least talk about coincidences.  Being #open-minded, hmmm, is it just something that we pluck out of obscurity from the atmosphere – is it a special wheel we turn on in our head with the flip of a switch?  Where does it come from, how is it really operated, what is it’s point of origin?  Why are we only willing to use it sometimes?  Are we all really open-minded to the truth about anything all of the time?  This is the first rigorous property of “open-minded-ness”. How do we know this?  Because the most open-minded people in the world are preschoolers, so naturally they are the ones to set the standard for the definition of open-minded-ness.  What makes them the most open-minded people in the world?  Well it’s their willingness to believe anything at anytime about everything.  Preschool literally is the foundation for everything in life, so the origin of being open-minded is planted during the preschool stage of brain development.  So here is where the concept of coincidence comes in.  We all struggle with being open-minded, that is intuitively open-minded.  This is a sharp contrast to the ways that preschoolers operate because they are also operating on a full house of intuitive learning properties — in other words, the preschool stage is the time and place when everything (including our neuro-nets, or connectomes) get formidably connected —  and/or, this is also the time and place and stage when “everything” gets either insufficiently connected or disconnected.  There is a direct correlation — coincidentally — between our ability to be intuitively open-minded all the time and our “conscious” struggle to be open-minded and deflect being close-minded. The origin of open-mindedness is rooted in the open-minded-intuitive learning processes of the preschool brain when the neuro-net is gluing together the majority of its synapse-neurotransmitter connections. This framework, or basic construction that will support a lifetime of learning about anything and everything is undertaken by the brain during and ONLY during the preschool stage.  Preschoolers never constantly struggle with being open-minded, nor do they feel the need to debate over the overdone concepts of #consciousness or “conscientiousness”. — Either of which the supposedly smartest minds in the universe continue to squabble about concerning a real definition — if they would just get on board with the true values of intuition, they might come to some agreements — oh wait, that would require them to dabble in the properties of preschool brain development, oh my, do they dare risk being caught dead or alive with a tag on their forehead announcing that they are looking into the intuitive learning abilities of preschoolers ?– Too much to risk in the halls of laurels and hubris…too bad, they are risking a lot more by denying the significance of preschool brain development while stripping themselves of much greater possibilities and discoveries. But then again, they like the rest of us are fooling themselves into thinking that they are “open-minded”…

The ability to be open-minded, and neuroplastic, and intuitive, and decisive and use common sense and develop strong critical thinking skills are all formulated together as a basic foundation during this preschool stage of brain development YET the phase of brain development that is left out of all of the conversations ABOUT brain development just so happens to be the preschool stage of brain development.  Every professional and pop-culture article that wants to tell you about all the latest studies and neuroscience evidence and techniques are all too happy to divulge something about how you can be your best self, how to improve your adult brain, what the implications and possible remedies are for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, what can be done to improve disabilities or to better reform the K-12 years of education, how to help your teen practice good judgment and long-term decision making.  But NEVER, EVER is the preschool stage of brain development included in this entire spectrum of human cognitive potential.  The one stage of human brain development that can take all the unknown qualities out of the “mysterious” human brain is the preschool stage and this is the one stage that we know the least about and that we fail to even take a genuine interest in — least of all in both the professional fields and in the pop-culture publications of learning about the power and possible full potential of our underpowered and underdeveloped human brains — WHAT A STRANGE COINCIDENCE ??!!??  The phenomenon fails to end here with “open-mindedness”. This coincidental phenomenon is directly relative and applicable to all of our underdeveloped intelligence and behavior abilities.  This is more than just a strange phenomenon, it’s a very sad and unfortunate phenomenon.  Human progress IS Human brain development and all of our efforts for human brain development have been REMEDIAL measures because we have left preschool brain development off the topical grid of human progress  — because until the whole world is ready to deal with preschool brain development, which is the #CORE of what REAL brain development is, then we are just going around in the same insane circles of human progress.  By the time this particular entry ends, which is right about now, we can legitimately say, “here we go again”, or we can begin anew with real open-mindedness and just say “here we go — into the unknown”…