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Nobody should have to give up their love for magic or their desire to experience miracles — but if people only knew what could actually deliver the essence of miraculously magical properties in their life, then they’d consider exploring the one thing we have in our midst that could very well exchange the mere imaginative hope of magic and miracles for actually achieving magic and miracles as a regular routine of life.  The one thing that holds a guaranteed promise for magic and miracles is delving into, supporting and understanding the preschool stage of brain development.  This may sound like an anti-climax to what people are expecting will deliver their fulfillment for magic and miracles — but it is exactly the unexpected that will deliver what we anticipate, because obviously what we are pursuing is failing to bring us our most desired hopes and prospects. The preschool brain is magical and it performs miracles everyday – and the best part of knowing this is realizing that 90% of each of us is still that preschooler – and that preschool brain we thought we left behind so many years ago.  By re-nurturing the preschooler within us, each of us can begin to unlock the properties of magic and miracles that the human brain is actually capable of performing — yes, there is real hope for happiness, magic and the true meaning of human purpose.

The world’s worst problem does need magic — and that is why it needs the original preschool brain development factor to establish a new ledger for ensuring a new generation of thinkers as well as a new legacy for human progress.  During the preschool stage of development, the brain is capable of processing knowledge and information uniformly, in other words, reality, information, imagination, magic, and miracles are all one in the same.  This is the stage of life that we describe as the “foundation for everything in life” because what we need for life, needs to include the properties of knowledge and information and intelligence in miraculous and magical ways — that is what the world needs to solve its most difficult problems – the world needs our brains to do everything, the world needs our original preschool brains to solve and resolve the problems of the world.  When you consider that these properties are all equal parts of the developing preschool intuitive-cognitive brain, then you are already on the path to realizing the magic, mystery and miraculous nature of the preschool brain — to treat all knowledge as equal and indifferent.  Now of course, it all sounds like a “nice” idea, but the truth is that there are distinct, rigorous, actual, applicable practices, methods and techniques that can make the magic of the human brain unfold during the most magical time of (intuitive-cognitive-preschool) development.  When we learn, understand and know how these “apps’ are meant to be applied during the first ‘5’ years of life and learning – the years that are meant to be magical learning years, then we are writing a new narrative for the future of human history based on the human brain’s full potential.

We deserve to have magic in our lives, because it has a place in our lives, our hopes, our imaginations, and our complex intelligence capabilities. Why else would we have conjured or concocted such wild ideas, unless we are actually capable of them???  But it has eluded us because we have been looking for magic and mystery in all the wrong places — because we have missed its roots, and origins and basic properties…

….The inarguable argument is that we need our brains to do everything — to think,, intend, desire, feel, decide and create.  But we need to activate more than 10 -20% of our brains’ potential.  Neuroplasticity is great and helps us capitalize on, or push the envelope on the 20% we have been fitted with, but our neuroplasticity is only as good as our preschool brain  — if we use preschool brain learning to fulfill our lifetime learning needs.

Our adult life is meant to be spent mastering and enjoying all of our capabilities – including the magical ones – adulthood was never meant to be wasted or occupied recovering the capabilities that we should be intuitively capable of performing, which would be the courteous by-product of a fully developed brain that would have been properly guided during the magical preschool stage of intuitive-cognitive development.

Just as it is impossible to build a building or structure without a foundation, it is impossible to build full brain development without the full cognitive and intuitive structure of the preschool stage that connects all properties of knowledge — both magical and realistic, or abstract and concrete — to the magnificent human mind, they are all the same.